Hey friends, here I am again!. . . and to sprinkle a little honesty here, I have a blue cup in front of me . . . the content I SHALL NOT REVEAL I’m sorry. Anyways, did you read my last post? A POEM I wrote under 20mins . . . hehe talk about fresh oil of inspiration.

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It is my birth month next, I’m still trying not to freak out cos’ I mean, last week still feels like April or ‘MAY-be March (pun intended), so how is it past mid July already? Not like the year has been that eventful, Ok…. apart from the fact that President Buhari from every indication is trying to secure a British passport and rule Nigeria from the diaspora. Read More



Trapped within the four walls
of this notepad,
I wouldn’t leave If I could
yes, it’s so bad..
that I count reflections
like pages of a book
trying to phantom thoughts
but in actual words
I see her image and I scream
fashion ROCKS!..Valleys and plains
How clearly, can we hardly explain

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2016 has been as remarkable as it comes; Donald Trump is president elect of the United States. . . Our Naira is skydiving without a parachute; Leicester won the premier league and yet I still couldn’t hit a 12-blog post for the year.  I think it has something to do with the ongoing recession, though I really don’t know how that affects my writing or creativity but for the sake of an excuse, there’s one!

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Happy new month, happy new year, happy new week, happy . . . . . which ever comes first!

‘Time’ and myself don’t go too well like smiles and lime, Vic O’ and rhymes, Sunshine and nights. So i guess talking about time would be highly unworthy of me and inappropriate like selling a winter jacket in Abuja under the hot sun.   Nevertheless, I still took some time out to write the few things I have learnt about time to share with you, that’s if you have time!

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You know how they say when you wear a cloth inside out or have itchy palms means money is coming your way? Well, I burnt my lunch TWICE today while editing this post and I’m sure there must be a sort of divine implication associated to this, otherwise i’ll just be stuffing my stomach with some burnt offerings for nothing. Anyways, this paragraph is completely unrelated to this post lol

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“Happiness can be influenced, yet Happiness is a choice
Happiness is in Joy and there’s happiness in tears

Happiness in actions, as well as in words…
Happiness can be pictures lost in deep thoughts

Happiness in weight gained and there is in weight Loss
Happiness is peace, Happiness means self war

the point is,

Whether Pronoun or noun, Proverbs or Psalm…
Happiness is everything good pronounced as one!”